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Connecting to Students Outside of the Classroom

February 1, 2012

I’m curious to see how other educators are reaching out to their students outside of the classroom to enhance their learning outcomes. I currently use the Notebook software that comes from SMART. I use it at home and at work with a SMART board (at work, I don’t have a SMART board at home) to create videos as supplement to my lessons and for flipping the classroom. Here is an example of one of them that covers the valves of the heart:

Also, here is an example of a lesson I created on

By creating media I can sleep better at night knowing my students are plugged into information that I trust, because I created it. I would rather put int he extra time and have lecture videos available for my students than have them searching through Google, Yahoo, or Bing and hope that they run across the right info to help them. Also, these videos can help me flip lessons onto them and turn my classroom into a more active learning environment, which I would like to discuss in a later posting.

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  1. Hi I really recommend that you check out “Start with a text” on my blog. It is a great tip for a way to text students and parents little reminders.

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